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SSLC – Tips to prepare PROFILE, DIARY, LETTER and NOTICE – 32000 Downloads

Vinod E.
HSA English, A.V. H.S.S. Ponnani, Malappuram

         Mr. Vinod E. a Teacher of A.V. Higher Secondary School Ponnani, Malappuram has send us a very useful item. Special thanks to you sir on behalf of all the teacher-student fraternity who follow Kerala Syllabus. 
       A simple and
easy method to prepare a PROFILE, DIARY, LETTER, NOTICE. Remember this is meant for the scholastically backward learners and not for the bright students… To remember the rhyme scheme of various poems please write the rhyme scheme corresponding to each poem.

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download it by clicking here

SSLC English – Unit I, II & III – Father’s Help,Games at Twilight, Blue Bouquet & Teashops in Malayalam Cinema – Possible questions and answers

Annu Abraham
Std.10 A
St. Thomas HSS Erumely
       Annu Abraham
is a studious student of Std. 10 A of my school. I asked her to prepare
answers for possible questions from ‘Father’s Help’ but did not tell her
my intention to publish them in English Blog. What I mean is these are
notes prepared by a student who never knew that they are going to be
published. Still I feel that she has prepared it quite well.  

Her notes include the following

I – Chapter 1 – Father’s Help
Character Sketches of
  1. Swami
  2. Swami’s
  3. Samuel
  1. Father
    to Headmaster
  2. Headmaster
    to Father
  3. Swami
    to Samuel
  4. Samuel
    to Father
  1. Between
    father and Samuel
  2. Swami
    and Samuel
  3. Swami
    and Father
  1. Samuel’s
  2. Swami’s

I – Chapter 2 – Games at Twilight

  1. Ravi’s
  1. Between
    Meera and Ravi
Unit II – Chapter 2 – The Blue Bouquet

Sample Letter

   1. Letter from the narrator to the police


  1. Narrator’s
  1. Between the narrator and his wife
  2. Between the narrator and the hotel keeper 

Unit III – Chapter 2 – Tea shops in Malayalam Cinema
   1. Role of teashops in Malayalam cinema
     Hope these sample answers would be useful. Please don’t forget to encourage her through your valuable comments. You can also share it using the Facebook or Google + links below. (Or would you be silently downloading as in the previous posts. English Blog has five digit visitors every day !!!!) Click on the following link to download…

SSLC English – Unit IV Chapter 3 Cactus – Questions and Answers

Prepared by
Ramachandran K.
CHMHSS Pookolathur. Malappuram

A sample speech on Mangalyaan

Prepared by one of my students with the help of her Uncle

Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends,

A very good morning to all.

I am extremely happy this morning to have an opportunity to deliver a speech on the topic Mangalyaan.

when we go years back to check the history of India’s space missions,
failure was the usual refrain. The whole world wasted no time to laugh
at India’s attempts. But the unflinching determination of Indian
scientists have silenced them all. The fresh example we have at hand to
show our victory is the success of Mangalyaan, India’s Mars mission. You
know when PSLV blasted off carrying the orbiter on 5th November 2013, a
success was not at all expected by many as no country had made success
in the Mars Mission on the first attempt. But when things worked
according to the script, Mars orbiter precisely landed on the orbit of
the red planet. When millions watched with the bated breath, the
tri-colour  fluttered.

Let us all be proud to be Indians.

Jai Hind

SSLC English – Unit V – Balthazar’s Marvellous Afternoon – Summary

Prepared by

Ramachandran K.
CHMHSS Pookolathur. Malappuram

Dear friends,

               Ramachandran Sir is back with a summary of ‘Balthazar’s Marvellous Afternoon’. Hope this summary would help the students and teachers…
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