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Dear friends,

                     For the first time in the history of English Blog a parent has send study materials for the entire student community of Kerala. On behalf of all SSLC students, teachers and parents English Blog thanks him for this sharing mentality.

This is what he wrote.
Dear Sir,

             Your blog helped my child
very much. I am working in the Finance Department (Secretariat) as
Research Assistant. I am sending you some power point presentations about social science
prepared by me for my son and his friends. I hope it will
help others.”

Research Assistant

Finance (CSFC-A)Department
Govt. Secretariat

Chapter 2 – Age of Revolution
Chapter 4 – World War and What Followed
Chapter 5 – Second World War
Chapter 6 – India – Human Geography
Chapter 7 – India Today
Chapter 7 – The One and Only One Earth
Chapter 8 – The Modern in Kerala
Chapter 8 – Development and Society
Chapter 9 – National Integration
Chapter 10 – Democracy
Chapter 10 – Money and Financial Institutions
Chapter 11- Globalisation
Chapter 11- Human Rights
Chapter 12 – Economy and Government

SSLC – Social Science – (Updated)

Mrs. Parvathy Venkiteswaran is back again with some useful materials for Kerala SSLC Social Science – a power point on THE MODERN IN KERALA and and short notes on EAST INDIA COMPANY and WORLD WARS. She is an English Teacher yet she has worked hard for preparing this material for Social Science. Thank you teacher.
Mrs. Parvathy Venkiteswaran
H.S.A. English (Rtd.), Samooham High School, North Paravoor

SSLC Biology – Chapters 1,2,3,5,6,7 & 8 – (Updated 23.01.2015)

Minhad M
PSMO College, Tirurangadi

NB : You can print two pages on the same A4 paper to save paper and money – Minhad
Dear Teachers/Students/Parents,
The first post in English Blog, this academic year, is not for English
but for Biology. It is because

of the enthusiasm that Minhad M.
Muhiyudheen has shown for providing SSLC Biology notes for Kerala
Syllabus Biology students. He started preparing these notes just after
the SSLC 2014 and English Blog received his mail on 9th of April. He has
done a lot of hard work to prepare the Malayalam version. Preparing
study materials for money is easy… Preparing it as a service is different. Have you ever felt it ? 
Let us encourage him through comments and suggestions… If we don’t comment they won’t feel encouraged to do more…

Std. 10

English Grammar for new texts of U.P. classes

 Mrs. Parvathy Venkiteswaran teacher has always amazed us all with the variety of study materials she prepares for U.P, High School and Higher Secondary (+2) classes. 
This time it is yet again different. She will make your jaws drop down with her latest material, I am sure. 
This is a Slide Show on

various grammar items in the Std. 5 and Std. 6 English Text Books like Vowels, Noun Phrases, Prepositions, Wh-questions etc. She has also used her voice for background explanations.

Check it and feel the perfection of the material. It has the quality of a Spoken English CD/VCD that we buy from the market.

SSLC English – Language Elements

        In all almost all the classes especially in Std. 10 we have two sure questions – Supply
the missing words in the following passage
& Edit the following passage. These questions carry 4 marks out of the 80 marks in SSLC. If we are familiar with these we will easily be able to score good marks from this area. Here is an attempt to give you

practice for such questions. These have been collected from previous year questions and question banks. Filling the blanks questions were answered by Annu Abraham, my student. Some of the editing questions were collected by Sajithamol V.S., another student.

It is made available as .pdf so that you can print and use it in class. The slide show can be made use of to save time.

NB: The post will be updated as and when I get more questions either through comments, via email or such other ways.
Rajeev Joseph
(Admin, English Blog)
St.Thomas HSS Erumely, Kottayam
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