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        In all almost all the classes especially in Std. 10 we have two sure questions – Supply
the missing words in the following passage
& Edit the following passage. These questions carry 4 marks out of the 80 marks in SSLC. If we are familiar with these we will easily be able to score good marks from this area. Here is an attempt to give you

practice for such questions. These have been collected from previous year questions and question banks. Filling the blanks questions were answered by Annu Abraham, my student. Some of the editing questions were collected by Sajithamol V.S., another student.

It is made available as .pdf so that you can print and use it in class. The slide show can be made use of to save time.

NB: The post will be updated as and when I get more questions either through comments, via email or such other ways.
Rajeev Joseph
(Admin, English Blog)
St.Thomas HSS Erumely, Kottayam

A sample speech on Mangalyaan

Prepared by one of my students with the help of her Uncle

Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends,

A very good morning to all.

I am extremely happy this morning to have an opportunity to deliver a speech on the topic Mangalyaan.

when we go years back to check the history of India’s space missions,
failure was the usual refrain. The whole world wasted no time to laugh
at India’s attempts. But the unflinching determination of Indian
scientists have silenced them all. The fresh example we have at hand to
show our victory is the success of Mangalyaan, India’s Mars mission. You
know when PSLV blasted off carrying the orbiter on 5th November 2013, a
success was not at all expected by many as no country had made success
in the Mars Mission on the first attempt. But when things worked
according to the script, Mars orbiter precisely landed on the orbit of
the red planet. When millions watched with the bated breath, the
tri-colour  fluttered.

Let us all be proud to be Indians.

Jai Hind

Revision Test Series for Stds. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 (10000 Downloads)

Dear Teachers and students,
                                           At this time of revisions English Blog brings to
you the latest Revision Series for Std. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. We were
continuously receiving emails requesting materials for U.P. classes.
Here it is… As always it is Mrs. Parvathy Venkiteswaran who
has spent a lot of time and energy for these study materials. As
teachers we know how difficult it is to prepare a question paper for
a class test. Then imagine the effort she has put in to prepare
materials for all U.P. and High School classes. [Though an English teacher she has
prepared materials for Social Science also. CLICKHERE for those materials.] Hope you won’t forget to thank her through your comments.

Mrs. Parvathy Venkiteswaran
H.S.A. English (Rtd.)
Samooham H.S. North Paravoor

To make reading and writing easy for beginners

make reading and writing easy for beginners
→ Start with 3 letter
words – rhyming words are more preferred.
Eg. cat, rat, pat ,
pot, cot, lot etc.
→ Give an idea about
vowels and how they help in changing sounds like “a” is used as
“aa” in Malayalam, “e” is used for “ottappulli”, and
so on for all vowels.
→ Give several
examples, display them in charts. Highlight the vowels with different
mark, fan,
bed, pen
Charts like this should
be prepared for all vowels.
→ After giving lot of
reading and writing practices, ask them to find such words in their
text books or news papers or comics, and let them note it down.
→ Write small stories
and sentences for these children and give reading practices.
make them speak
→ Teacher should talk
very simple sentence frequently, not only in English periods, but in
other periods too, when the situation is suitable.
Eg: How are you? Shall we
start, let’s sing, I am tired, who is absent etc.
→ Talk about favourite
Eg: I like paayasam. It
is very sweet.
My mother gave me
a blue dress. It has pink buttons.
Ravi likes bike.
He rides very fast.
I went to the
beach. I played in the water.
→ After giving such
examples, ask them to speak about their favourite things. Teacher
should boost their confidence by giving scaffolding and
encouragements like claps. They may not speak initially, then ask
them to write down their ideas and read.
make them write
→ Start with small
sentences. Here too teacher’s version is used first.
Show them some object and
describe it.
Eg: This is a small
flower. This is red in colour. It has five petals.
Ask a student to stand
and describe him/her.
This is Sonu. He is a
tall boy. He is wearing black sandals.
This kind of practices
will show some result within 2 months. Teacher should be very
patient. Can’t expect a leap in a short time. 
All the best
Suja Ramesh
LPSA, GTWLPS Nadupathy,

English Learning Materials for Beginners – Fourth Updation (Today)

Suja Ramesh
LPSA, GTWLPS Nadupathy, Palakkad

      I am a
Primary School Teacher from Palakkad. Even our 10th
standard students find it difficult to frame a meaningful sentence,
neither are they confident to express their ideas in English.
    I wish our
primary teachers try to make students familiar with simple sentence
formation. This will boost their confidence in writing about simple
topics like tree, food, pond etc. I hope this attempt will strengthen
the foundation and the student will be able to communicate well in
English by the time he finishes 10th.
     I am a part of English Blog by contributing learning materials for
primary classes. Instead of focusing more on textbooks, I wish to encourage
children in writing about familiar topics in their own simple
sentences. These are some samples. Please go through them and feel free to
express your opinion. I wish more teachers from LP school join English Blog and share. 


A song for Std. 1 and 2


Car is fast,

Cart is slow

Bike is fast,

Cycle is slow

Rani is fast,

Renu is slow

Dog is fast

Cow is slow

Slow or fast

Both are good
Click below to download the rest

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