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കമ്പ്യൂട്ടറിൽ SSLC പരീക്ഷ എഴുതുന്നോ ? SSLC English – Computer Assisted (SETIGam) English Test Paper for all units – Updated

            “A revolution in Kerala Syllabus” that is how we would like to describe Mr. Pramod M.N.’s SETIGam English Test Paper Software. SETIGam is the short form of Self Evaluation Tool In Gambas. We have seen many public schools using such expensive softwares. But here we have a man who has done all the work by himself for free. He is a Maths teacher and has done this for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English. He downloaded the Unitwise Revision Test Series answers prepared by Ms. Parvathy Venkiteswaran that we published during last SSLC and included it in the software.
         Using computers at school or home the students can use it to evaluate
themselves by answering questions from all the units of Std.10 Course
Book. It can be installed only in Ubuntu Linux systems.       
How to use it ?

1. Download the set.tar.xz
file which includes Maths, Phyics, Chemistry, and English by clicking here) and save it in the ‘home’ folder.

(for Physics in Tamil by Sudheer. G. N., HSA Phy. Sc. Vandithavalam, Palakkad click here)
(for Maths in Kannada by Austin Bernad a MT from Kasargode click here)

2. Right click on it and extract it (in your home folder). A folder named “set” will be created in your home folder which contains all the executable files of
the SETIGams.

3. Now download setigam_0.0.8-1_all.deb file (Click here

4. Then install it by double click (or by right click – open with GDebi Package Installer) (Admin password required)
 4. Ready to use it from Application – Universal Access – SETIGam

(Hope this will be more helpful. Please try it and report errors)
NB: 1280 X 800 will be the most suitable screen resolution

      We were really amazed to see the work. A lot of hard work
is there behind the software.
I have finished with the downloaded question paper which covered
all the 5 units. For the last three days I was on it and it made me
almost extinguished…….If you send me more question papers then I will do the rest.”
That is what he told us in the last email.
       On behalf of all the students and
teachers of English who follow Kerala Syllabus we thank you sir for this
useful evaluation tool. Please don’t forget to tell him your feedback through comments.


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