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Test your Question Tags

       In Stds. VIII , IX and SSLC examinations, questions related to “Question Tags” are common. It is very important as it carries   2- 4 marks in exams like SSLC and other entrance exams. Here is a collection of such questions which will be of great use for the teachers and students.
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Dhanush and his pets

Dhanush and his pets
has two hens. He has three goats and a cow too. Hens lay eggs
everyday. Goats have six kids. Cow gives eight bottles of milk daily.
Dhanush loves them very much. He gives lots of food to the hens,
goats and the cow. He keeps them clean. He plays with them during

Now let us learn a simple song to understand the usage of “give and let’

me, let me…

me a car, let me drive
me a dress, let me wear.
me a pen, let me write
me a flower, let me smell.
me a plate, let me eat
me a cup, let me drink.
me a bike, let me ride
me a bed, let me sleep.

Suja Ramesh
LPSA, GTWLPS Nadupathy, Palakkad 

Test Your Prepositions

Test Your Prepositions
1. I was jogging in the
park this morning and saw this dog coming ………. me. It looked he
was going to attack me, but he was just trying to reach his owner,
who was running right behind me. (onto, beyond, towards)
2. Rahul, your friend is
waiting for you …… in the car.
(around, outside,
above, against)
3. I heard the sound of
glass breaking in the living room and ran to see what had happened. A
crow had flown …… the window and broken it.
(for, from, by,
4. George, who lives ……
that coffee shop, came over to visit you this morning.
(on, by, at, in)
5. I don’t know how many
times I have told my daughter to look both ways before running ……
the street.
(across, along,
beside, around)
6. My house is …….
the grocery store and the gas station.
(under, off, among,
7. The temperature in
Delhi to day is eight degrees …….
(before, below, under,
8. The cat is sitting
…….. the wall.
(on, over, about,
9. As soon as Ravi heard
his boss coming, he jumped …….. his chair and pretended he was
working. (inside, under, for, down)
10. Justin lives ……
the hill, where all the mansions are there.
(above, unto, onto,

Test – Relative Pronouns

Relative Pronouns
1. …….. is that sitting over in the
corner ? 
(Who, Whom, Which)
2. I don’t understand a word …….
you are talking about. 
(what, that, who)
3. They have a very large house round
……. there are some lovely gargens. 
(that, which, whose)
4. I am looking at the photosgraph
……. you send me with your letter. 
(which, who, whom)
5. There is a new television programme
called “……. wants to be millionaire?” 
(Which, What, Who)
6. I think you will see that this is
the best museum …….. you can find in the town. 
(that, which, who)
7. The police want to find out ….
drove the red car into the shop window. 
(who, who’s, whose)
8. did you meet the lady ….. uncle
works in the library ? 
(who, whose. Whose’s)
9. The person in the house next to mine
knows someone ….. met the queen. 
(who, whom, which)
10. The grass, ……. I cut every
week, seems to grow very quickly. 
(who, who’s, which)
Courtesy to ‘Test Your English’

Test your use of ‘Articles’

Fill the blanks with the suitable article:
1. I only want ……….. little sugar in my tea please.
     (a, the, such)
2. In …………… end we decided not to go to the cinema nut to watch television. (the, this, an)
3. It is important sometimes to stop and look around you at all the wonderful things ………… (nature, in nature , in the nature)
4. It is …….. book that I have ever read. 
    (funniest, a funniest , the funniest)
5. I want to go to the cinema to see a film about ……….and the French. (France , a France , the France)
6. Can anyone give me ………….. please because I have just fallen over. (hand, a hand , the hand)
7. The interesting thing about ……… is all the roads that they built in Britain. (Romans, a Romans , the Romans)
8. She always said that when she grew up she wanted to be …….    ( doctor, a doctor, the doctor)
9. I have left my book in ………. and I would like you to get it for me. (kitchen, a kitchen, the kitchen)
10. Are you studying foreign languages at school, like ……… (French, a French, the French)
Courtesy to ‘Test Your English’
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