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Dear Teachers of English,

                                          As you all know an association named KELTA (Kerala English Language Teacher’s Association has been formed and we plan to request the government  to create posts in those schools where there are less than 5 divisions. Thus the students will get teachers who graduated in English itself and the teachers will get enough posts in their neighbouring schools.
            At the next cluster please discuss this and support KELTA in its efforts.

Here is a notice issued by the KELTA please read and respond

Are you an English Teacher ? Did you take a KELTA membership ?

   KELTA is ‘Kerala English Language Teacher’s Association’. It addresses the needs of English Teachers and has already submitted a petition to the Chief Minister on the problems of Englsih Teachers. We expect a favourable decision along with the Teacher’s Package.
   A blog has been created by KELTA for easy communication with those interested. English teachers can take a free membership by giving their name, name of school, type of school, educational district, phone number, email address etc.. That would make it easy for the association to contact the members easily and inform them of the latest. Taking a membership will also encourage the association to do more . You can click on the following link or type it in Google http://keltakerala.blogspot.com/. Hope you would respond positively.

   Some audio-video materials are available in the ‘Resources’ page of the blog.
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