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How to download videos from the internet…?

     Most of us want to download and use videos available in the internet but don’t know how to do it or think it as a herculean task.
      If you put in a little effort it is very easy……. Though many view video online they don’t know how to save it to their computer. For example the third post in this blog Std. VIII Vol.1 Unit II Lesson 1 The Mice That Set The Elephants Free is an animation video of that chapter. Though you can play the video by clicking on the play button in the centre it won’t automatically get saved in the computer. Next time you will have to download the video again. The following are some of the easiest ways to solve this problem.

1) For those who use Mozilla Firefox most of the Audio– Video files from the internet can be downloaded using an ‘Add on’ in Mozilla Firefox. To know how to install ‘Download Helper’ click here using your mouse wheel (Please respect copyright rules)
[Courtesy to : Nirupadravakaari of nirupadravakaari.blogspot.com]

2) If you are using Windows you can download and install softwares like ‘Download Accelerator Plus’ , ‘Orbit’ etc. from their respective sites.

    After installing these softwares right click on the video to be played and select ‘Download with DAP’ or ‘Download by Orbit’. The next question will be where to save the downloaded video. You just need to decide where to save.

3)  Another method is to have a download option on the tool bar of the browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.). The moment you click on the play button of any video this download button will start blinking. You just need to click on it and select where to save.
      To use this easiest method of all those mentioned here what you have to do is to download and install Speed Bit Video Downloader from http://www.speedbit.com/video/. The installation would automatically add it to the browser window.

4) If you are using Linux wait till the full video to play then minimize the window and open

 computer -> file system -> tmp -> video -> right click -> save as

But this method may not be successful in some Linux systems.

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