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Want to learn Malayalam ?
    'I want to learn Malayalam.....' Is that what you wish ? Here is a website that will help you learn Malayalam easily. www.entemalayalam.org. It is owned by Government of Kerala and aims mainly at those Non resident Malayalees who want to learn or improve their Malayalam. The site gives us information about the origin of Malayalam and the order of alphabets in Malayalam. It gives details about the vowels and consonants of Malayalam. It shows how to write various Malayalam letters and how to practise the writing of Malayalam letters. If you want to learn Malayalam using English this site can help you achieve your goal.
How to watch Malayalam channels and news live ?
      www.malayalamlive.com is a completely free website that lets us watch Malayalam channels and news live. Leading channels in Malayalam like Indiavision, Jeevan TV etc. are available in it. Video clippings of favourite programs in other main channels are available in this site. The main attraction of the site is live news.
         We can listen to radio channels as well. Another attraction is the online addition of the main newspapers of Kerala. There is a separate section for live music channels and movie channels. Daily interviews of celebrities from and film world is available in 'Interviews' section.
Malayalam Typing Made Easy
     If you find Malayalam typing difficult using an English keyboard here is a solution – Quillpad. It is a phonetic transliteration software. It makes use of a machine learning tool named CART. It finds the sound from the situation. Even those words with different spellings can be typed using this. It can receive input from 102 keyboard as well as 12 key standard keypad. It can handle up to 10 languages including Malayalam. To type Malayalam online click here.

Orbit Downloader
     Orbit Downloader is a download manager software which is used for Web 2.0 downloading. Anything like video , music , documents , etc. can be downloaded from the internet. Social music , video streaming media etc. can easily be downloaded. Another speciality is download acceleration. It supports internet browsers like Internet Explorer , Mozilla Firefox , Opera etc. HTTP , HTTPS , FTP , MNS , RTSP , and RTMP protocols are available in it. It also supports proxy folder.
An easy way to send Fax – Send it as PDF attachment
Even in this era of emails there are many who uses fax machines. Fax machines are costly and prices start at ₹ 5000. As per the use we may have to spend an average of ₹ 500 as telephone bill.
Nolarity Communications Private Limited comes with a method to bring down this expense to half or more than half. Their solution named Superfox allows to receive PDF files as email attachment. On receipt of the fax we would get an SMS alert also.
What we have to do is to compose the email , attach the file and mail it to this address – faxnumber@superfox.in. For example if we want to send a fax to the phone number 04829 243663 send the email to 4829243663@superfox.in and a fax will be send to that number. Using this method we can receive fax in more than one email account and send more than one fax easily.

Google Earth
Google Earth is a software that takes you to a virtual world. You can see satellite images , maps , 3D buildings etc. in Google Earth. It can be used to view the geographical peculiarities of any place on Earth. It shows us details not only of Earth but of Solar System and miracles of the sky. It can also take you to the bottom of the ocean. The 3D models help to see places on Moon visited by space travellers. It also displays NASA's latest exploration in Mars. The images are one to three years old. Though the images are not real time ones the geographical contents gives the user a real like experience. What you need is an installation of the software and a broadband internet connection.
How to download and install Google Earth ?
Search for it in Google. In the next window click on 'Download'. Wait for the download and then install the software. An icon will appear on the desktop. An active internet connection is a must to use this software.
How to Advertise in the Internet ?
www.newsclassifieds.in is a website that helps us publish and view advertisements of various topics like jobs,career,business,trade,service,entertainment,education,medicine etc. Latest technology makes searching very easy in this site. Giving an advertisement is very easy and free. If you want to add photos or pictures you can do it paying a nominal amount.
English for Kids
It is difficult to teach English to small children. www.starfell.com is a blessing to parents of small children as it is easy to use and completely free. The site teaches them the alphabet first – the capital letters and small letters along with their pronunciation. The way of presentation is really attractive. The 'Learn to Read' section helps to make words using pictures. Children can draw their own pictures in 'All About Me' section. The section also includes cartoons and other interactive materials. The greatest thing is that they can do it all by themselves. Wow !!! Learning by doing....


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